Features 3.0

Deployment on industry-leading platforms

Enjoy the benefits of a standard, compliant and proven operating system.

RHEL 7 + flexVDI 3.0

flexVDI working over RedHat is a guarantee of stability. Red Hat® products and services are secure, open, and trusted by more than 90% of the Fortune Global 500.

CentOS 7 + flexVDI 3.0

flexVDI and Centos together form a consistent, manageable platform that suits a wide variety of deployments.

Improved Management

The new flexVDI Dashboard is easier to use:

  • Different administration profiles

    Keep record of all the administrative tasks.

  • Role-based authorization

    Define administrative profiles and roles to match your organization needs.

  • Multi-tenancy ready

    Share the platform resources among your clients in a flexible way.

The HTML5 Dashboard is on its way!

On new systems

In the 3.0 version, flexVDI clients are fully compatible with IGEL thin clients.

You can instantly enroll, index and manage all endpoints from the IGEL intuitive backend system and manage the virtual desktops with flexVDI. Get a powerfull and flexible platform with the two systems combined.

IGEL Software
flexVDI Software

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